The Iconic AJ1 Jordans: Collectors and Investors


The Legacy of AJ1.

Background and Significance.

The Air Jordan 1, released in 1985, marked the beginning of a new era in sports and fashion. Designed by Peter Moore, the AJ1 was the first signature shoe for NBA superstar Michael Jordan. It's groundbreaking design and innovative use of colours made it a statement piece on and off the basketball court. The AJ1 shattered norms by introducing bold red and black colourways, which deviated from the predominantly white sneakers of the time. This daring design choice not only defied conventions but also paved the way for a new wave of creative expression in footwear.

Impact of Michael Jordan's Association with Nike.

Michael Jordan's partnership with Nike revolutionised the sneaker industry. The collaboration between the basketball legend and the iconic sportswear brand gave birth to a cultural phenomenon. The AJ1, with its distinctive silhouette and the iconic 'Jumpman' logo, became a symbol of aspiration and excellence. Jordan's on-court success, combined with the appeal of his signature sneakers, created an unparalleled aura around the AJ1, making it a coveted item for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors alike.


Evolution of AJ1 Designs and Cultural Influence.

Over the years, the AJ1 has undergone numerous design iterations, each contributing to its enduring popularity. From high-top to low-top versions and collaborations with renowned artists and designers, the AJ1 continually evolves while preserving its essence. Its influence extends beyond sports, shaping the fashion landscape and inspiring generations of designers. Celebrities, musicians, and artists frequently incorporate AJ1 sneakers into their style, solidifying its status as a cultural icon. The AJ1's timeless appeal lies in its ability to bridge the gap between sports, fashion, and art, making it a staple in sneaker culture for decades.

Collecting AJ1

Rarity and Limited Editions: The allure of AJ1 sneakers often lies in their scarcity. Limited edition releases and exclusive collaborations with artists, celebrities, and fashion designers contribute to the rarity factor. Sneaker enthusiasts eagerly anticipate these drops, which often sell out within minutes. Collectors value limited editions for their unique designs and investment potential, as scarcity often drives up resale prices.

DJ-Khaled-Air-JordanDJ Khaled x Air Jordan

Collaborations and Special Editions: AJ1's collaborations with influential fashion, art, and entertainment figures have resulted in some of the most sought-after sneakers. Partnerships with brands like Off-White, Travis Scott, and Dior have produced iconic AJ1 iterations, each telling a unique story. These special editions often feature distinct designs, materials, and branding elements, making them highly desirable for collectors looking to own a piece of cultural history.

Sneaker Authentication and Grading: As the demand for rare sneakers increases, so does the risk of encountering counterfeit or replica products. Authenticating AJ1 sneakers is crucial for collectors to ensure they invest in genuine items. Professional authentication services and organisations provide certification and grading for sneakers, verifying their authenticity and condition. Collectors should prioritise purchasing from reputable sellers and platforms to minimise the risk of acquiring counterfeit sneakers.


Eminem X Carhartt Air Jordan 4

Here are some reputable professional authentication services:

  • Legit Check ( Legit Check is an online platform that offers professional authentication services for sneakers, streetwear, and designer items. They provide detailed authenticity reports, helping buyers and sellers verify the legitimacy of their products.
  • Authentication by StockX: StockX, a popular sneaker marketplace, offers authentication services to ensure the authenticity of sneakers bought and sold on their platform.
  • GOAT Authentication: GOAT, a leading sneaker marketplace, employs a team of experts who authenticate sneakers sold on their platform. They guarantee the authenticity of the products.

Please note that verifying any authentication service's current status and reputation is essential before using their services.


Air Jordan 2 OG

Top Tips for Collecting Any Sought-After Sneaker:

  • Research Extensively: Stay informed about upcoming releases, collaborations, and trends in the sneaker market. Knowledge about different brands, designers and limited edition releases will help you make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Connect with the Community: Engage with fellow sneaker enthusiasts, both online and offline. Participate in forums, social media groups, and local events to exchange insights, tips, and recommendations. Building a network can provide valuable information and opportunities for trades or purchases.
  • Understand Grading Systems: Familiarise yourself with sneaker grading systems used by reputable organisations. Graded sneakers often come with detailed reports about their condition, which can be essential for serious collectors and investors.
  • Diversify Your Collection:While focusing on a specific brand or model is tempting, diversifying your collection can broaden your expertise and potentially increase your overall investment return. Explore sneakers from different brands, eras and styles to create a well-rounded collection.

By following these tips and staying well-informed, collectors can navigate the dynamic world of sought-after sneakers, including the iconic AJ1 Jordans, with confidence and expertise.


Jordan 1 Retro High Charlotte Hornets Foundation Black/White

When it comes to collecting sought-after sneakers, several websites and online platforms can be incredibly helpful for enthusiasts and collectors.

StockX ( StockX is a popular online marketplace for buying and selling sneakers, streetwear, watches, and designer handbags. It provides a transparent and secure transaction platform, allowing buyers and sellers to see historical price data and trade confidently.

GOAT ( GOAT is another reputable online marketplace specializing in sneakers, offering a wide selection of authentic new and used sneakers. The platform employs a strict authentication process to ensure the legitimacy of the products sold on its site.

Flight Club ( Flight Club is a consignment marketplace known for its extensive collection of rare and exclusive sneakers. They have physical stores in addition to their online platform, making it a trusted destination for collectors seeking premium and hard-to-find sneakers.

Sneaker News ( Sneaker News is a leading online source for sneaker-related information. The website provides news articles, release updates, and in-depth features on various sneaker releases, making it an invaluable resource for collectors wanting to stay updated on the latest trends and releases.

Heres some eye watering collectables!

Air Jordan 12 OVO (Drake Edition) – $100,000

If you aim to make a bold statement with your choice of white sneakers, look no further than the Air Jordan 12 OVO. This pair epitomises sophistication and style, embodying the seamless collaboration between the renowned Jordan brand and the multifaceted talent – rapper, designer, and basketball aficionado – Drake.

Air Jordan Retro 'Kobe Pack' – $800,000

In 2016, the Air Jordan ⅜ Retro ‘Kobe Pack’ emerged as an exclusive homage to the legendary Kobe Bryant, a cherished icon in basketball history. Originally distributed solely among friends and family, these sneakers pay tribute to Bryant's illustrious 20-year career in the NBA. Crafted as replicas of the iconic Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 8, these trainers embody the essence of Bryant's connection to the game. Draped in the signature colours of the LA Lakers, they boast a pristine white leather upper adorned with striking accents of purple and gold.
Kayne West Nike Air Yeezy 1 'Prototype' – $1.8 million

One of the most remarkable outcomes of the partnership between the iconic rapper and designer Kanye West and the prestigious Nike brand was the introduction of the Nike Air Yeezy 1 'Prototype.' This groundbreaking sneaker debuted when Kanye West wore it while performing his chart-topping single 'Stronger' on the Grammy stage in 2008. This memorable moment served as the official announcement of the Yeezy project, capturing the attention and fascination of sneaker enthusiasts worldwide.
Conclusion and final thoughts

The AJ1 Jordans are more than just sneakers – they symbolise style, performance, and cultural significance. From their humble beginnings in 1985 to their current status as a streetwear staple, the AJ1s have left an indelible mark on the sneaker industry and popular culture.

Whether you're a seasoned sneaker collector or just starting your journey, the AJ1 Jordans are a must-have addition to any collection. Their timeless design, versatile style, and rich history make them a true icon in the world of sneakers.

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