Fat Laces

Ditch the Drab, Lace Up the Fab: The Fat Laces Collection is here to kick your sneaker game into high gear with a single swap.

These aren't your average laces - these bold, chunky, thick shoelaces are designed to inject instant personality and serious style into your favorite shoes. Get Your Fat Laces for Instant Sneaker Swagger! 


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Fluffy Fat LacesFluffy Fat Laces
Fluffy Fat Laces Sale price$8.99
Classic Fat LacesClassic Fat Laces
Classic Fat Laces Sale price$9.99
Braid Fat laces Sale price$8.99
Round Fat laces - Kicks ShoelacesRound Fat laces - Kicks Shoelaces
Round Fat laces Sale price$8.99
Fat Shoe Laces - Kicks ShoelacesFat Shoe Laces - Kicks Shoelaces
Fat Shoe Laces Sale price$9.99
Nike SB Laces Thick Oval ReplacementsNike SB Laces Thick Oval Replacements
White-Grey-Replacement-Yeezy-Laces, on,yeezy, shoeWhite-Grey-Replacement-Yeezy-Laces
Replacement Yeezy Laces Sale price$7.99
Nike SB Dunk Rope Laces Sale price$8.99
Velvet Fat Laces Sale price$8.99
Adidas Fat LacesAdidas Fat Laces
Adidas Fat Laces Sale price$9.99

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