Shoelace Replacements 120 CM / 47 IN

Sneakers can get expensive an affordable way to refresh them is with shoelace replacements. Popular Sneakers that take 120 CM / 47 IN shoelace replacements are Adidas Tubular Doom, Nike Air Max Thea and Adidas Superstar.

New shoelaces will help you give your sneakers a fresh clean look without the cost of buying new shoes. We think it’s money well spent!


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No-Tie Shoelaces Sale priceFrom $6.99
Flat Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesFlat Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Flat Shoelaces Sale price$6.99
Nike Air Force 1 Replacement Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesNike Air Force 1 Replacement Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Shoestrings Round Laces Sale price$6.99
Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelacesblack-fun-shoelaces-suitable-for-tying shoelaces-on-popular-sneakers
Round No-Tie Shoelaces Sale price$7.99
Round Shoelaces Sale price$8.99
Nike Air Max Replacement Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesNike Air Max Replacement Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces