Adidas Yeezy Rope Replacement Shoelaces

Colour: Dark Grey
Length: 100 CM / 40 IN
Shoelace Length Guide

Master the art of shoelace lengths with our Shoelace Length Guide! Whether you're a sneaker enthusiast, a fashionista, or just looking to keep your shoes snug, our guide provides expert tips to ensure you lace up perfectly every time. 

No-tie shoelaces

No-tie shoelaces are designed for any shoe and perfect for everyone in the family. They are crafted to be one size fits all; simply trim to fit and enjoy the freedom of hassle-free footwear. 

Here's a link for video instructions.

Traditional Shoelace Process

Step 1: Count the number of eyelets running vertically along one side of the shoe, from the bottom to the top, or up to your preferred lacing point.

Step 2: Find the number of eyelet pairs in the chart and determine their corresponding lengths. Alternatively, we recommend that you measure the length of your original laces.

Pairs of eyelets
Length in centimetres
Length in inches
2 - 3 70 28
4 - 5
90 / 100
35 / 39
6 - 7
8 - 9
10 - 11
150 / 160
59 / 63
12 - 13 180 71

Replacement shoe lace tip! If you are between two lengths, we prefer to choose the shorter length. 

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Style & Width: Yeezy Shoe Laces | 5 mm

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Yeezy Laces

How to lace Yeezys

There's more to Yeezys than just hype. They're comfy, stylish sneakers, but the lacing can be a bit different from your average kicks.

What you'll need:

Your favorite Yeezys with replacement Yeezy laces (or dope replacements if you've swapped them out)

Lacing Styles: The Factory Look.


This is the way your Yeezys come laced, offering a snug fit and a clean aesthetic. Here's how to achieve it:

Thread the laces: Start by putting each lace through the first two eyelets on the inside of the shoe (one lace per side).

Criss-cross: Take the right lace and diagonally thread it up through the second outside eyelet on the right. Then, bring it back down and thread it through the first inside eyelet on the right. Repeat this criss-crossing motion all the way up the shoe, alternating sides.

Lock it in: When you reach the top eyelets, create a loop with one lace and wrap the other around it once. Tuck the remaining lace under the nearby loops to secure it.

For more Yeezy tips see our Yeezy blog.

Yeezy Laces

The DS Knot

The DS knot, also known as the deadstock knot, is a favorite among Yeezy enthusiasts. It creates a clean, snug fit that replicates the way the shoes come laced straight from the box.

Here's a breakdown on how to achieve this look in just a few simple steps:

What you'll need:

Your favorite Yeezys with replacement Yeezy laces.


Loop it Up: After lacing your shoes, use your thumb and index finger to pinch both laces together near the tongue of the shoe. Now, loop those laces over your finger, creating a small loop with a hole in the center. Hold the loop in place with your fingers.

Thread and Tighten: Carefully feed both laces partially through the hole in the loop you just created. You don't want to pull them all the way through yet.

Snug it In: Now, gently pull on both laces to tighten the loop around your finger. This creates the base of the DS knot.

Finishing Touches: Slide your finger out of the loop and adjust the knot so it sits snug against the tongue of the shoe. 

Pro Tip:

If you find the knot a bit too loose, simply repeat steps 2-4 to tighten it further.


Yeezy Laces

How to lace yeezy 350

The loose lace is a Yeezy staple, offering effortless style and comfort. Here's how to achieve it with your fresh laces:

What you'll need:

Your favorite Yeezys with replacement Yeezy laces (or dope replacements if you've swapped them out)


Lacing Styles: The Loose Lace.

This style is all about comfort and a laid-back vibe. Here's how to rock it:

Loosen up: Start by fully lacing your Yeezys using the factory method (explained above). Then, loosen the laces from the bottom eyelets all the way up. You can adjust the looseness to your preference.

The tuck: For a cleaner look, tuck the excess lace under the tongue of the shoe.

Pro Tip: Achieve Perfect Looseness.

Want to ensure both sides of your Yeezys are loosened evenly? Use a pen or a board marker! Thread the laces all the way through, then loosen them to your desired level. Now, hold the pen or marker horizontally across the laces, where you want the looseness to begin. Slide the pen down, pushing the laces down evenly on both sides. This creates a consistent, symmetrical looseness for that on-point Yeezy aesthetic.

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Adidas Yeezy Rope Replacement Shoelaces