How To Lace Your Yeezys


Congratulations! You finally invested the time and money to get yourself a pair of Yeezys. Now that they're out of the box, new and shiny for you to use, you have a problem…

What are my lacing options? What Are The Best Lacing Styles?

So here you are, looking through internet articles for the answer to your predicament. And you've come to the right place.

The world of sneaker style and lacing patterns offers a playground for creativity and personal expression. You can transform your favourite kicks into a canvas to elevate your fashion game and inject a dose of personality into your ensemble. Whether you're aiming for a sleek, street-ready vibe or a bold, attention-grabbing statement, these lacing techniques offer endless possibilities to amplify your overall look and leave a lasting impression.


Let's begin!

Traditional Yeezy Lacing:

Lacing your Yeezys in the traditional crisscross pattern is a classic yet stylish choice.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to achieve the perfect look:

  1. Insert Laces: Begin by inserting both ends of the lace into the bottom set of eyelets, threading them from the inside out. Make sure the lace ends are even on both sides.
  2. Cross the Laces: Take the right lace and cross it over to the left side, threading it through the next set of eyelets. Repeat this step with the left lace, crossing it over to the right side and threading it through the corresponding eyelets.
  3. Continue Crisscrossing: Repeat the crisscross pattern, alternating between the right and left lace until you reach the top of the sneaker. Ensure the tension is consistent for a neat and uniform appearance.
  4. Tie Off the Laces: Once you've reached the top set of eyelets, tie off the laces securely in your preferred style. You can opt for a standard bow, a double knot, or even a tucked lace style for a sleeker look.


Yeezy Kaw Style:

The "Yeezy Kaws Style" refers to a lacing technique with the distinctive design aesthetic of KAWS, a renowned artist and designer known for his unique approach to pop culture and street art.

While there isn't a specific, universally recognised "Yeezy Kaws Style," enthusiasts and sneaker customisers may draw inspiration from KAWS' signature motifs, such as his iconic "XX" eyes and abstract character designs, to customise their Yeezy sneakers in a way that reflects KAWS' artistic influence.

Here are the steps... watch out it's a little tricky.

  1. Start at the Bottom: Begin by putting both lace ends through the first two inside eyelets of your Yeezys.
  2. Even Ends: Make sure both ends of the lace are even to ensure a balanced look.
  3. Right Side First: Take the lace on the inside right and thread it from the first eyelet on the inside to the second eyelet on the outside right.
  4. Repeat for Left Side: Repeat the same process with the lace on the inside left, threading it from the first eyelet to the second eyelet on the outside left.
  5. Continue Crisscrossing: Now, take the lace on the inside right and thread it through the third inside eyelet on the right. Do the same with the lace on the inside left, threading it through the third inside eyelet on the left.
  6. Cross Over: Next, thread the right lace end through the fourth inside eyelet on the left Side. Similarly, thread the left lace end through the fourth inside eyelet on the right Side.
  7. Outer Eyelets: Continuing with the right lace end, thread it through the fourth outside eyelet on the right Side. Repeat this step with the left lace end, threading it through the fourth outside eyelet on the left Side.
  8. Top Eyelets: Finally, create loops with each lace end and thread them through the top outside eyelets on their respective sides. Secure the loops by wrapping a string around each loop and sewing it inward. 


Yeezy Breezy Lacing Style:

The Yeezy breezy lacing style uses loosened laces to create a chic and relaxed effect. Achieving an effortlessly cool vibe, this lacing method strikes the perfect balance between fashion-forward and comfortable.

However, finding the sweet spot is crucial - avoid overly loosening the laces to maintain a polished appearance and prevent any unexpected tumbles.

Here are the steps:

  1. Begin at the Bottom: Insert both ends of the lace into the bottom set of eyelets, threading them from the inside out.
  2. Keep it Loose: As you lace up, maintain a loose tension. Avoid pulling the lace too tightly, allowing for natural movement and comfort.
  3. Use a Pen or Pencil: To keep your lace lengths even while lacing, use a pen or pencil as a spacer. Simply place the pen horizontally across the tongue of your sneaker, positioning it where you want the lace to cross over. This ensures uniformity and prevents one lace from being significantly longer than the other.
  4. Adjust as You Go: As you lace up, periodically adjust the tension to ensure consistency. The goal is to maintain a loose and relaxed appearance throughout the lacing process.
  5. Top Off with a Loose Bow: Once you reach the top set of eyelets, tie off the laces with a loose bow. Avoid pulling the bow too tightly; instead, keep it relaxed to complement the loose lacing style.
  6. Final Adjustments: After tying off the laces, take a moment to adjust them for symmetry and comfort. Ensure the laces are evenly distributed and hanging loosely for a laid-back look.
  7. Optional: Tuck in Ends: If desired, you can tuck the loose lace ends into the sides of the shoe for a cleaner appearance. This step is optional but can help prevent the ends from dragging or catching.


Style tips for your Yeezys:

Dressing with Yeezys offers many style options, from street-chic to athleisure elegance. Here are three versatile looks to rock with your Yeezys:

Sporty Sophistication:

  • Opt for fitted leggings or joggers in a sleek, monochromatic hue.
  • Pair with a cropped sweatshirt or athletic tank top for a sporty-chic ensemble.
  • Layer with a puffer jacket or zip-up hoodie for added versatility.
  • Complete the look with sleek hair, minimalist jewellery, and a statement bag for an on-the-go vibe.


Casual Cool Streetwear:

  • Pair your Yeezys with distressed jeans for an urban edge.
  • Add a graphic tee or oversized hoodie for a relaxed vibe.
  • Layer with a bomber jacket or denim jacket for extra street-style flair. Accessorise with a baseball cap, crossbody bag, and statement sunglasses to complete the look.


Effortlessly Athleisure:

  • Choose high-waisted leggings or joggers in a luxe fabric.
  • Pair with an oversized sweater or knit top for a cosy yet polished look.
  • Or layer with a tailored blazer or structured coat for an unexpected twist.
  • Accessorize with a statement belt, crossbody bag, and oversized sunglasses for a touch of glamour.


In conclusion, mastering the art of shoelacing with your Yeezys opens up a world of endless style possibilities. From classic crisscross patterns to innovative techniques that push the boundaries of fashion, your Yeezys serve as a canvas for self-expression and creativity.

By incorporating these shoelacing styles and fashion tips into your wardrobe, you'll elevate your sneaker game and make a bold statement that reflects your unique sense of style.

So lace up, step out, and let your Yeezys do the talking as you navigate the world with confidence and flair.

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