Shoelaces and No-Tie laces


What would your favourite sneakers look like with old dirty shoelaces? At Kicks, we offer a large variety of shoelaces in various colours and styles, from no-tie shoelaces that help you turn everyday shoes into slip-ons, to on-trend rope laces that provide an inexpensive way to refresh your Yeezys!

No matter what different types of shoelaces you decide to buy, styling your sneakers with new shoelaces is a way to show off your personality and an affordable way to give your sneakers a fresh, clean look. We think it's money well spent!


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No-Tie Shoelaces Sale priceFrom $6.99
Flat Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesFlat Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Flat Shoelaces Sale price$6.99
No Tie Elastic Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesNo Tie Elastic Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
No Tie Elastic Shoelaces Sale price$9.99
Round No-Tie Shoelaces Sale price$7.99
Shoestrings Round Laces Sale price$6.99
No-Tie Shoelaces with Magnetic Locks - Kicks ShoelacesNo-Tie Shoelaces with Magnetic Locks - Kicks Shoelaces
Boot Laces Sale price$8.99
Elastic Shoe Laces Sale price$9.99
quick-laces-are-stretch-no-tie-laces-for-kids-adults-and-a-simple-way-to-lace-shoes-and-fit-all- popular-sneakers-by-kicks-shoelacesquick-laces-with-fluorescent-green-elastic-no-tie-shoelaces-on-nike-running-shoe-by-kicks-shoelaces
Quick Laces Sale price$8.99
Reflective Rope Laces Sale price$8.99
Round Shoelaces Sale price$8.99
Cosplay Bat Laces - Kicks ShoelacesCosplay Bat Laces - Kicks Shoelaces
Cosplay Bat Laces Sale price$9.99
Glitter Shoelaces, Lace Swap, Kicks ShoelacesGlitter Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Glitter Shoelaces Sale price$7.99
Fruit Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesFruit Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Fruit Shoelaces Sale price$7.99
Daisy Print Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesDaisy Print Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Daisy Print Shoelaces Sale priceFrom $4.99
Animal Print Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesAnimal Print Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Animal Print Shoelaces Sale price$7.99
Ice Cream Print Flat Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesIce Cream Print Flat Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Ribbon Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesRibbon Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Ribbon Shoelaces Sale price$7.99
Round Shoelaces with Metal Aglets - Kicks ShoelacesRound Shoelaces with Metal Aglets - Kicks Shoelaces
Oval Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesOval Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Oval Shoelaces Sale price$7.99
Round Waxed Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesRound Waxed Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Round Waxed Shoelaces Sale price$7.99
Round Fat laces - Kicks ShoelacesRound Fat laces - Kicks Shoelaces
Round Fat laces Sale price$8.99
Patterned Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesPatterned Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Patterned Shoelaces Sale price$7.99
New Balance Shoelaces Replacements White / 100 CM / 39 IN / 8mm Shoe Lace Replacement By Kicks ShoelacesNew Balance Shoelaces Replacements - Kicks Shoelaces
Rainbow Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesRainbow Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Rainbow Shoelaces Sale price$7.99