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Are you in need of new shoelaces for your kicks? Kicks Shoelaces is your #1 choice for buying shoelaces online! We have a diverse range of colours and styles available.
Known by many different names such as shoelaces, shoestrings, or boot laces, our laces are perfect if you want to give your shoes, boots, or sneakers a new look. So, if you’re shopping for a fresh pair of laces for your Nike, Adidas or Jordan’s? Or perhaps you want to add some colour to your Timberland boots or Yeezy’s you’re in the right place.


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Ice Cream Print Flat Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesIce Cream Print Flat Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Glitter Shoelaces, Lace Swap, Kicks ShoelacesGlitter Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Glitter Shoelaces Sale price$7.99
Shoestrings Round Laces Sale price$6.99
Fruit Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesFruit Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Fruit Shoelaces Sale price$7.99
Flat Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesFlat Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Flat Shoelaces Sale price$6.99
Daisy Print Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesDaisy Print Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Daisy Print Shoelaces Sale priceFrom $4.99
Animal Print Shoelaces - Kicks ShoelacesAnimal Print Shoelaces - Kicks Shoelaces
Animal Print Shoelaces Sale price$7.99
Reflective Rope Laces Sale price$8.99
Boot Laces Sale price$8.99
Round Shoelaces Sale price$8.99
Round Shoelaces with Metal Aglets - Kicks ShoelacesRound Shoelaces with Metal Aglets - Kicks Shoelaces
white, blue, yellow, boot, lacesElastic Boot Laces - Kicks Shoelaces
Elastic Boot Laces Sale price$7.99
Round Glitter ShoelacesRound Glitter Shoelaces
Round Glitter Shoelaces Sale price$7.99