Pink Laces


Looking for a fun and stylish way to accessorize your sneakers? Check out our pink shoelaces!

They're perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit. And, they're also great for showing your support for breast cancer awareness.

So don't be shy, pink is the new black! So grab a pair today and help us spread the word!

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Rose Pink Reflective Flat Shoelaces
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Buying Pink Shoelaces

There are many advantages to purchasing pink laces for shoes; they instantly dress up an old pair of sneakers and give your appearance a face-lift.

With pink laces, you can get imaginative and tie them in fresh ways to add some finesse! We explore some novel ways to tie laces below.

When schools loosen their strict criteria on what students should wear, pink shoelaces will be great for dress-ups and informal school days. Refresh your sneakers and give them a sprucing up by having several pairs of shoelaces handy is a fantastic way to revitalise your shoe collection.

Lastly, if you are looking for that sleek tidy look, you can conceal the shoelace knot by tying and pushing it in under the tongue or using no-tie laces.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I buy pink shoelaces?

Our website is the best place to explore when you're looking for pink shoelaces. We have a wide range of options and styles to suit your individual style.

In addition to our extensive catalogue, for purchases over $25, we offer fast and free shipping! At Kicks, we have the perfect pink shoelace for you no matter what your shoe size!

Can you buy pink no-tie shoelaces?

We offer several styles of pink no-tie shoelaces that will look awesome with any pair of shoes.

Regardless of if you need them for yourself or as a gift, no-tie laces are ideal, especially if you're looking to remove knots and bows. Tieless shoelaces are the stress-free way to keep your shoes looking fresh and clean.

Are pink shoelaces strong enough?

Kicks deliver when you need your shoelaces to perform! Our flat and round laces are reliable and strong and hold up under pressure.

We manufacture the highest quality laces and provide our customers with the reliability they need to get the job done.

What are pink shoelaces made of?

Depending on the style that you're trying to find, pink shoelaces can be made of cotton, polyester, nylon, rubber and many other materials. No matter your favourite style, Kicks has a great selection of options for everyone!

What is the best way to tie pink shoelaces?

There are numerous ways to tie pink shoelaces. The 'Granny Knot' the 'Bow Tie' are some alternatives. Or you can create your own special style!

It is best to try all of them out until you find one that you like. Our pink shoelaces are sturdy enough to handle any new tying techniques, so view our website and collect a few today!

What are the different ways to tie pink laces?

Common methods for tying shoelaces are ladder lacing and army lacing. Each is simple to do yet has a distinctive look that adds a fresh look to your shoes.

What is ladder lacing?

Ladder lacing Ladder lacing is great on high boots with lots of eyelets, specifically when you have different colours to use.

What is army lacing?

Army lacing is perfect for the skater girl, as it extends the life of the laces. When skateboarders use other lacing methods, the shoelace runs across the edges of the shoe and are quickly chewed up by the grip tape.

Can black shoes have pink laces?

Some people believe that black shoes should only have black shoelaces. However, our customers buy many different colours of laces, including pink ones, which they mix and match. They also pair the pink laces with dark and light-coloured footwear!

It's your choice so, go ahead, take a good look around and enjoy your Kicks Shoelaces!